Hair Loss Concealers 

Hair Loss Concealers

 For clients that need a quick, non-permanent solution to cover their hair loss, we have a number of products and treatments available. Please note, that these products will have to be reapplied on a regular basis.  

How do they work?

These naturally sourced and coloured products mask hair-loss by coating existing hair with a hair-thickening formula. This fine powder not only colours thin areas of your head but it also volumizes existing hair shafts.

These treatments work with any hairstyles (even bald scalps) , you can still brush your hair and will even  survive a dip in the ocean. If you have any questions regarding this option, please get in touch with Tanya.

You truly grasped the concept of putting people first

You truly grasped the concept of putting people first, being a great stylist, and realizing how important hair replacement is for people. You learned well from your father. Joe would be so proud of you carrying on his legacy of helping to improve peoples lives.