Hair Loss Concealers 

Hair Loss Concealers

 For clients that need a quick, non-permanent solution to cover their hair loss, we have a number of products and treatments available. Please note, that these products will have to be reapplied on a regular basis.  

How do they work?

These naturally sourced and coloured products mask hair-loss by coating existing hair with a hair-thickening formula. This fine powder not only colours thin areas of your head but it also volumizes existing hair shafts.

These treatments work with any hairstyles (even bald scalps) , you can still brush your hair and will even  survive a dip in the ocean. If you have any questions regarding this option, please get in touch with Tanya.

JEM Hair Treatment Clinic has changed my life !!!

Hi Tanya, I am so pleased so far with my treatment my wife wants hers done too . It may sound like I am working for JEM Hair Treatment Clinic (aka HQ) but this is 100% true. JEM Hair Treatment Clinic has changed my life !!!

Richard B.