Hair Systems and Weaves

Hair replacement has been around for centuries. Be it people affected by alopecia or clients who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments, we, at HQ & jem, offer solutions for men and women at our Bedford clinic.

Non-Surgical Hair Systems

We start our hair replacement systems with a mesh or a skin base. The hairs are then added either by hand or placed using a machine resulting in a very natural look. You will be very pleased by how accurate we can match the color and texture of your existing hair.

To attach your new hair system, we offer a variety of options:

Weave: First we make a track around the scalp by braiding your existing hairs. The size and number of tracks vary from client to client. We then attach the hair replacement system to the tracks resulting in a seamless, natural looking and long-lasting head of hair.

Bond:  a specialized hair glue is used to attach your hair system to your scalp. While not as long lasting as a weave, it never-the-less is a safe method to provide you with a natural looking head of hair.  

Folli-Fuse:  a more durable solution than the bond method, Folli-fuse attaches your new hair directly to your scalp using a specialized system that achieves long-lasting, natural results.

Tape-system: double sided tape is used to hold your new hair in place. It is a safe and tested method used all over the world.

Clips: we can also attach your new system by clipping it into your existing hair.

Please keep in mind that one solution does not suit everyone when it comes to hair replacement. A free consultation at our clinic in Bedford Nova Scotia will help clarify your options. restoration options.

 Prices for hair replacements vary, depending on which system you decide to choose. We can offer both custom as well as more affordable stock systems.

I would do it again

Hi , just like to tell you that it was a great experience having a hair transplant surgery at Tanya hair shop. I would do it again.

Luc M.