Topical Creams and Medication

While the majority of our business centers around hair transplant surgery, we also offer non-surgical options to our clients.  Often, creams, treatments and medications are offered as an adjunct to our surgical options, as it is important to preserve existing hair and to prevent further hair-loss.  Here are some options:

ross treatment Bedford nova scotiaRoss Treatment

The Ross treatments are offered at our clinic. This product comes from Quebec and has been around for three generations. It is mainly used to prevent further hair loss and to promote hair health. We feature various solutions for men and women.


Minoxidil (Rogaine®)

If you have started to lose your hair, you probably have researched Minoxidi already.  Here at HQ, we mainly use it as an adjunct to our hair replacement surgery. After all, what good is having new hair, if your old hair is falling out?

Minoxildil is a popular hair treatment option for both men and women. While it can be prescribed orally, it is most often applied topically.  It is used for new hair growth and as a hair loss prevention method.




Used to treat male pattern baldness, Finasteride is prescribed at our clinic in Bedford mostly to our hair transplants clients who want to prevent further hair loss.

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I have always had thinning hair and as a professional working in the public sector, decided in the late 80's to contacted Joe Graves and his family run hair restorative solutions business. Joe, unfortunaly now deceased, along with Tanya and wife Mary quickly put me at ease with my decision and the results were fantastic .

Al B.