Laser Treatment

At HQ-jem we often encourage our patients to use various methods to stimulate hair follicles post hair transplant surgery in order to prevent further hair-loss. One of the methods we advocate is the use of the iGrow home laser treatments which can be purchased at the clinic.

IGrow has been developed to be used safely at home. And is similar in function and form to the lasers used in clinic around the world.  It uses lasers and LEDs developed specifically for Low Level Light therapy which has been shown to trigger cellular activity within follicles, thus increasing the potential for hair growth and restoration.

IGrow can be used in isolation or in combination with other hair restoration therapies. At HQ’s hair restoration clinic in Bedford, we use laser therapy mainly as an adjunct to our hair surgery procedures. It has been clinically tested and has passed FDA requirements. Find out more how laser therapy can prevent hair-loss in men and women here. If you want to learn more about our hair transplant surgery here in Bedford, Nova Scotia, please read more here.

You truly grasped the concept of putting people first

You truly grasped the concept of putting people first, being a great stylist, and realizing how important hair replacement is for people. You learned well from your father. Joe would be so proud of you carrying on his legacy of helping to improve peoples lives.