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I have always had thinning hair and as a professional working in the public sector I decided in the late 80’s  to contact  Joe Graves and his family run hair restorative solutions business.  Joe, (now unfortunately deceased),  along with his daughter Tanya and wife Mary   quickly  put me at ease with my decision and  the results were fantastic .  Not only was the product the best available but more importantly  I felt  my financial investment became secondary to the quality of care and their desire to give me the best possible hair  solution . Getting a hair replacement procedure is a serious decision and I  needed to know they  would be there for the long run.

Now,  27 years later,  Tanya Graves is still  providing me with the best product. Her knowledge and skill in hair restoration are second to none as she learned from the best, her  now deceased and much-loved father, Joe Graves.    She is an honest sincere and totally committed to this business.

If someone is concerned about their hair loss, have Tanya Graves  in your corner,  for many reasons, is a wise decision to make.

Thanks Tanya,

Al B. March 18, 2016